Training Options

At Canine Connection, we take care to provide our clients with a customized training program that is personalized for their unique needs as well as their dog's. We will work together to create a well mannered dog that the entire family can enjoy.   

Option# 1

Online Training

Benefits of Online Training
Your dog will be....
  • less distracted
  • able to focus
  • learning how to behave at home- where you need it the most!
You will get....
  • flexible scheduling
  • the same information and quality of coaching as you receive in person
  • help where you need it the most - at home!
Your trainer can....
  • see how your dog behaves naturally in the home
  • troubleshoot situations specific to your home environment
  • still train you - the owner - without physically being present

Option# 2

In-home Private  Training

Private Lessons In-Home


If you are having specific behavior problems within the home, a home visit might be just the answer to creating a well mannered pet. We will work with you to create a behavior modification program so that your dog is assured success. 


Package of (3) one hour lessons is $300. Each lesson is supported with written practice handouts and videos to ensure that the dog is practicing the behaviors that were started in the lesson.  

If you would like to schedule a lesson or talk with Corrina about your dog, please fill out questionnaire. 

Please note that all training programs are customized to meet the needs of each client. Please contact us to discuss your situation and we will work to find the perfect fit for you and your dog. 

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