Training Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Since heading out on the road with training and closing down my training building in April, my days are filled with lessons with puppies and dogs and great owners that just want a well behaved dog in the home and out in public. I miss my group classes but I am so happy with the faster results in helping families in in home private lessons.

I have to say that I think that I am seeing the struggling that owners are having with problem behaviors such as jumping, door bolting, counter surfing that I just did not see in my training building. The dogs are on their home territory and they have practiced the bad behaviors so much that they are sometimes pros. There are less distractions as we are training and clients are working with me one on one to ensure that they are practicing and understanding how to continue to reinforce the new skills and behaviors learned in their lesson.

If you know of a person struggling with a puppy or dog in developing polite behavior, please send them my way and we can create a polite pup that friends and family can enjoy.

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