Class Schedule & Policies

If you are interested in any of the classes or do not see one posted for your training needs,  please email, text or call Corrina 281-475-3965 to discuss and sign up.

Welcome to Training Classes at Canine Connection Training ​


  • Bring a copy of your vaccination records from your veterinarian. All dogs must have a rabies vaccination by 18 weeks or older. Puppies under 16 weeks must have had two set of shots in order to come to puppy class.


  • Please arrive a little early (10 minutes if possible) so that I can accept payment in cash or check, and check your vet records. You can scan the vaccination records and email them to me or just bring them to class. I am not requiring the Canine Influenza Vaccine at this time. Walk your dog outside when you arrive and give him/her a potty break before coming into class.


  • Bring a bag full of high value soft treats. Cut up hot dogs, soft jerky treats, cheese cubes or chicken chunks make great rewards (hard biscuit treats are not favorable for class because they take too long to chew up and dogs tend to choke on them). If your dog loves to play with a toy, bring a favorite as a reward after a job well done. I do have treats available at my cost of $4 for training. The puppies seem to love this food called Orijen and it makes a great treat.


  • For the best training results do not feed your dog before each class. You want him/her hungry and ready to work.


  • Please have your dog in a front clip training harness and/or collar with a 4 or 6 foot leash (no retractable leashes). I recommend the freedom no-pull harness to eliminate most of the difficulty of walking an untrained dog. I do have some available if you would like one for $40 including tax (includes a leash).  If your dog walks fine and in control with a collar, use just a collar and 4 to 6 foot leash. Please do not have your puppy on a Flexi leash. If you are missing anything, I have extra of everything so please do not worry.    


  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing. For shoes, wear something comfortable that has a closed toe on it, no sandals or flip flops. Please dress according to the weather, sometimes we will be working outside.


  • Children over 6 years old are welcome in class as long as they remain supervised and do not distract the class. Children 12 years and older will be allowed to handle their dog in class as long as a parent or guardian attends class with them and helps supervise.


  • ​If you need to miss a class, please let me know 24 hours in advance. You can't make up a class with a one on one private lesson or get credit for a class in the distant future, but you will get the homework. You are more than welcome to join another class that I have running this session, if it is appropriate for the skill level of your dog. I can tell you what classes might work and the day and time. The best advice that I give to clients is to practice each week all the things that we start in class. Just like anything, the more time you put in, the greater the results.


  • ​My goal is that you and your dog will learn a large amount of new skills to use in your daily lives and also improve your relationship of trust and cooperation. I always want the process to be enjoyable for both of you and I will do my best to guide and will be available to be sure that you are successful in training. It may not always be an easy process but the pay off at the end is worth every minute of work. A well trained dog is a blessing to you, your neighbors and all the people that you meet.

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